Our Story

The Colored Guard is a film crew that have become family and strive to promote that family environment through our actions. Inclusion and acceptance help us to maintain a diverse, motivated and talented crew to handle whatever projects come our way.

Z, Jasmine, Kang and I all met in school and realized quickly that we worked good together and better yet we liked working with each other. Since then we have been honing our skills and putting in work.


Meet the Team


Rich Cross


Rich is the crew's cinematographer/camp-op/videographer depending on the job


Zarahia Perdomo


Z is the main writer and director for the crew. A true creative spirit.


Kang Ojoi

Editor/Writer/Audio Recordist

Kang is the crew editor, audio recordist and also a writer.


Jasmine Jones

Motion Graphics/Illustrator

Jasmine is the crew's graphics/motion graphics/animation artist.

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